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Emils Blog ♡

Hi, I'm a 23 years old standard white boy. (So not quite a teen boy anymore.) I adore girls and twinks for there cuteness and men for their cock size, if applicable. I'm a dyed in the wool degradee. I love phantasizing about getting diminished and replaced in bed. I like feeling inferior for my dick. I'm willing to follow a cute girls or a hung boys commands, I'd even like to drink their piss, if wanted. Thinking of serving or sucking off a (political) enemy and getting humiliated as commie soy boy also turns me on ♡ You can ask me any questions, tell me stories or confess me your sins however you want. The chances are high, I may answer, but don't expect me to. I'm mainly here for the public posts and not necessarily for chatting. But if I feel like it, I will be friendly and gratefull for an interesseting or arousing conversation ♡ MY TOP KINKS AND PREFERENCES: (cis & trans) twinks • cute (raaaather cis) girls • cuckolding • big dicks (on cute boys) • small penis humiliation • humiliation in general • pissing • young people, who neither "look" very male, nor female, nor both • oral bottoming ♡ SOMETIMES I LIKE: racial humiliation (IR cuckolding, BNWO, etc.) • trans girls • (well-endowed) twunks & hunks • poltical play • pegging • anal bottoming in general • cock and ball torture ♡ I MIGHT BE INTERESSTED IN: chasity • gentle fem-dom • domination in general • bondage • sex slavery • exposure • violence in general • sissification ♡ MY TURN-OFFS ARE: poop • red socks

This master piece was created by my ex! I found it very helpful. Almost forgot it exists 😅 This disgustingly "down-wanked" loser dick on the right side is mine ^^